Popular Types of Renewable Energy

Global warming has definitely taken its place in the current environmental situation. It has provided the people a lot of both expected and unexpected circumstances such as climate change, and more.

Coming up with a probable solution to it is something impossible as of the moment. What people can do now is just to prevent the worst to happen. But how people should do it? Aside from spreading information through the different mediums available (ex. Essay writing, news writing, tv and radio broadcasting, blogging, etc.), people could as well start through simple gestures such as recycling.

Moreover, it is a definite fact that the world is blessed with an ample number of renewable energies. It is available for the benefit of the living. It is there because of a purpose. That is, for the people to make use of it as a source for living, but making sure it won’t harsh the environment as a whole.

There are a lot of renewable energies present in the world. Some of the most popular are the following:

      Bioenergy – is synonymous to biofuel. It is a renewable energy composed of materials from biological sources.
      Geothermal Energy – it is the power generated from the earth’s heat deposit.
      Green Power – are the energy produced by environmentally friendly and nonpolluting sources such as wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal.
      Hydropower – is the energy that comes from the bodies of water that could be transmitted to a useful purpose.
      Solar Energy – is obviously the power generated by the light and heat from the sun. This energy is actually the most widely-used power in the world.
      Wind Power – is the transmission of the wind power into a useful form like electricity.


Kaku B. Marks is an environmental science graduate from New Jersey. He is currently working for a private-held company that specializes in environmentally friendly hand dryers. He loves to travel and discover new places . He is known as a dedicated and responsible professional amongst his collegue.