The Importance of Changing Locks On A New House


Lock with keys


You’ve moved in to your new house, so what do you do next? Change the locks that is!

You cant really tell how many keys have been given out by the previous owner to their family, relatives or even friends. To be on the safe side and ensure the safety of your new home and your family, its a prerequisite to change the locks before moving in.

Reasons Why Change Locks

Its normal to feel paranoid about the previous owners of your home that’s why its common sense why there’s a need to change locks. There’s a high probability that someone might have a spare.That makes you are highly vulnerable to robbery and break ins! And changing locks would give you a piece of mind. Here are the possible persons that might have your key:

  • The family, relatives, close friends and probably co-workes of the previous owner.
  • Tradesmen or builders and contractors that have repaired or worked on the house.
  • Past relationships of the previous owners
  • Those who found or have stolen the key

Always Remember

Its easy not to forget the locks on the front / main door or gate but dont forget the storage sheds, garages and windows.

Changing the Locks

There are a lot of options when charging a lock but choose the one that suits your need. Even if your busy, always find time and don’t delay. Changing the lock should be one of your top priority before even moving in.

  1. Seek advice from professionals. If your not the handy , calling in a locksmith would ensure that the job is done right. The locksmith will professionally change your lock and give all spare keys. Try to ask a quote from different locksmithing companies. The yellow page or local directories online would be a good way to start.
  2. Re-cut, re-key or reprogrammed existing locks. This is an inexpensive way to change locks. Buy a new key on ebay and reprogram it yourself. There are solutions or instructions depending on the key online. It wont take 30 minutes to reprogram a key. Or, get a locksmith to rekey them. Most locksmiths are willing to give you instructions.
  3. Do it yourself. If your the handyman type, you can try installing the locks yourself. Almost all hardware stores that sell them come with very clear instructions on how to install new locks.
  4.  Simply add another lock. If you don’t feel like going through all the hassle of setting up a new lock, simply adding a deadlock to the doors and leaving the old locks aswell would be just fine.

Follow all these steps to make your home as secure as possible.