Real estate firms rapidly adopting new lead gen tool

Remodeling network Porch has unveiled a second tool that brokerages, website providers and listing search services can use to augment listings with renovation project history reports, and squeeze more leads out of real estate websites.

A number of leading real estate companies have already adopted the widget, highlighting the appeal of the latest lead-capture feature to become available to real estate websites. AddressReport is another property report provider that recently fashioned a lead generation product for real estate firms.

Prospective buyers that visit listing pages equipped with Porch’s new widget may click the add-on to pull up a Porch report detailing the listing’s remodeling project history.

Companies that embed the widget on their websites can gate the property report behind a form that requires a user to enter their contact information. They can also add their branding or a real estate agent’s branding to the reports.

The integration “creates the ability to drive meaningfully more leads” through a real estate search website, said Porch CEO Matt Ehrlichman.

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Hot Real Estate Leads for Closers

Tired of cold calling to generate real estate sales? Are you fed up with snail mail ads that get a pathetic response rate? It’s time to use BrokerMatch to get real leads of qualified buyers and sellers that are ready to take action right now! Leads will be delivered in real-time by email so that you can act immediately and get the prospect when they are ready to act. These real estate leads are extremely well qualified and if you receive a lead that you feel is not up to par, you may open a case and our customer service department will review it to assure the highest quality.

The hot leads delivered in your inbox will include all of the pertinent information including buyer or seller, approximate price, buy/sell time frame, desired zip codes, price range, # of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and contact information. With this info, it will be easy to get into a conversation with the prospect. We offer two plans, one for exclusive leads and one for leads that may be offered to up to 3 agents.

Overall, we know that it is more difficult than ever to get quality real estate leads. BrokerMatch does the hard work of getting these leads and putting them on your radar. From there, you can close the sale and reap the benefits.

How Real Estate Uses Big Data to Track Clients

To target prospective clients, tech-savvy agents are buying data subscriptions and teaming with startups

Jon Hoefling, left, with his listing agent Brett Jennings in Mr. Hoefling’s home in Morgan Hill, Calif. Jason Henry for The Wall Street Journal Jon Hoefling, left, with his listing agent Brett Jennings in Mr. Hoefling’s home in Morgan Hill, Calif.
Jason Henry for The Wall Street Journal
Photo: Jason Henry for The Wall Street Journal

Sitting in bed at 1:40 a.m. one morning last November, Jon Hoefling was thinking about selling his 4,300-square-foot home in Morgan Hill, Calif. While browsing Facebook on his phone, he clicked on a real-estate ad offering to estimate his home’s value. His future listing agent, who paid for the ad, was waiting.

Mr. Hoefling, the 50-year-old owner of an office-furniture resale company, had been targeted for the ad—along with 1,500 others in California’s Silicon Valley area—by an algorithm that identified him as a likely home seller. The telltale signs: Mr. Hoefling has lived in the home for more than 15 years, and his home’s market value is high for the area. Most important, his youngest son will soon leave for college. Empty nesters might as well wear a bull’s-eye.

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