Harvey Home Owners, Do You Need Your Roof Repaired?

Has your roof started to show its age? Is the state of the hat on your home looking a little worse for wear? Your home is your biggest investment and the external roof is it’s crowning glory. But if your home in Harvey, Brunswick, Collie and surrounds is looking like it needs ‘rooflift’, then ROOFWEST are your go-to for everything in roof repair and restoration.

Are your roof tiles cracked or missing?

Is the tin warped or do your gutters need some TLC?

Can you see mould or moss growing on the tiles and need a professional to clean it off to reveal the true colour and beauty of the surface underneath?

Roof maintenance is extremely important to protect the most exposed part of your home. ROOFWEST offers services in the following areas to prolong the life of your roof:

• Roof Coating and Painting
• High pressure cleaning
• Gutter replacement

Roof Coating and Painting

ROOFWEST offer superior quality roof coating and painting with premium Dulux products. Roof coating acts as a top layer of your roof membrane and prolongs roof life for up to 10 years. If your roof is not in need of repair, painting and recoating can breathe new life into your existing roof and even add value to your home.

High Pressure Cleaning

Do you know your roof is in great condition underneath all that mould and moss and it just needs a good scrub? This is not a DIY job! ROOFWEST tradesmen are trained and qualified in high pressure cleaning strategies for your roof surface to leave it sparkling, safely and professionally.

Gutter Replacement

Gutters are important to guide water away from your home and to stop it pooling in areas on your roof that can lead to sag and cracking. ROOFWEST can repair or replace guttering to match your existing façade and ensure your drainage is operating smoothly.

Who Can Fix My Roof In Harvey, Collie, Brunswick and surrounding suburbs?

Look no further than ROOFWEST. With over 35 years or repairing and roof restoration experience of homes in Harvey and the South West, Tom and the team can guarantee you quality workmanship with a level of customer service that only a locally owned business can provide. Phone 08 9795 9990 for a free quote today.


Debt Collection in Mandurah? Who Can Help?


If you are looking for debt collection services in and around the Mandurah area, BCA Debt can help. They have assisted thousands of businesses around Australia to recover outstanding debts and provide services in the Mandurah and surrounding areas.

If your business is located in:

  • The City of Mandurah
  • North of Mandurah – including Safety Bay, Rockingham, Port Kennedy and Baldivis
  • South of Mandurah – including Halls Head, Pinjarra, Falcon and Dawesville.

BCA Debt can provide debt collection expertise and services to you.

Mandurah Region Debt Collector Service

Do you run a business in:

  • Retail,
  • strata and body corporate,
  • medical,
  • educational or
  • real estate?


BCA Debt can help you to maintain great client relationships and ensure future business whilst retrieving the funds you are rightfully owed.

Changes to legislation and updates to the Privacy Act mean debt collecting is not always as easy as requesting your outstanding bills to be paid. Chasing outstanding funds is stressful and frustrating and takes valuable time away from you running your business. BCA Debt understand that requesting money rightfully owed can be awkward and frustrating, as well as confusing in the legal side of the process. If you are based in, or around Mandurah, BCA Debt can lift the burden on you by implementing professional strategies to rectify the situation whilst maintaining a good working relationship between creditor and debtor to move forward.

Why use BCA Debt for your Debt Collection in Mandurah?

BCA Debt implements a proven 6 Step Debt Collection process to professionally and efficiently recover monies owed to your company with personal service and 24-hour secure access to the status of your debt via their website, keeping you in the loop and informed as to the progress of your outcome.

Debt Collection in Mandurah?

BCA Debt has over 13 years of effectively assisting businesses in retrieval of debt and providing up-to-date advice to their clients.

When you are looking for a debt collector in the Mandurah area, BCA Debt is your first choice. Call the team on 1300 136 917 to speak with a debt collection professional today.


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One Bottle One Glass

To get sober, all you have to do is not drink. Why did it take me so long to figure this out? I’m slowly figuring out why because if nothing else, sobriety gives you lots of mental clarity to reflect on why you drink/drank, and why you aren’t anymore. I think a huge part of my identity was tied to drinking. I knew it was wrong and I knew I wasn’t drinking the way I considered appropriate, but I didn’t know how to not drink. I wasn’t doing anything to learn another way, and sobriety seemed so boring and awful. I was drinking about drinking, but I was doing very little to learn how to live without alcohol. Nowadays, I shudder to think of a hangover again. I rarely crave the awful taste in my mouth after a night of heavy drinking. Not that I particularly enjoyed it, but I 

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A Green Powered Sailboat — Hackaday

Drones fill the sky raining hellfire on unsuspecting civilians below. Self-driving cars only cause half as many accidents as carbon-based drivers. Autonomous vehicles are the future, no matter how bleak that future is. One thing we haven’t seen much of is autonomous marine vehicles, be they submarines, hovercrafts, or sailboats. That’s exactly what [silvioBi] is building for his…

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How to explain the value of replicated, shared ledgers from first principles

Richard Gendal Brown

“Digital currencies” aren’t needed to explain why distributed ledgers are important.

In this post, I develop an argument for replicated shared ledgers from first principles. It is intended to be an “education piece” aimed at those, particularly in the finance industry, who prefer explanations of new technologies to be rooted in a description of a real-world business problem rather than beginning with a description of a purported solution.  So, in this piece, you’ll find no mention of digital currencies, etc., because it turns out you don’t need them to derive an argument for distributed ledger technologies!

(Note to regular readers: see the end of the piece for some context)

We’ll start with banking systems

Start by thinking about today’s banking systems. In what follows, I use a bank deposit and payments example. But the same logic applies everywhere you look, as I’ll argue later.

Let’s imagine a world with three banks: Bank…

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